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    The Ulliance Life Advisor Member Assistance Program is designed to help members, retirees, and their household members cope with the many personal and work challenges that we all encounter from time to time. For example, you might need assistance managing stress or depression, learning new parenting skills, or finding a nursing home for a loved one. Ulliance provides many services to meet your needs, which include short-term counseling, coaching, crisis intervention, and community resources. This program is confidential and is available at no cost to members, retirees and their spouses, partners, dependents and other household members. 

    For more information about the Member Assistance Program, click here to view the Ulliance Announcement flyer. 

    To access the Member Assistance Program, members may call 1-800-448-8326, including 24/7 crisis assistance, or visit to create a log-in. When creating a log-in, use IBEW Local 17 as your union name and Southfield as your union city. 




    The Plan has elected not to send IRS Form 1095-B (“Health Coverage”) for the 2023 tax year. You do not need to file a 1095 form with your federal tax return, but some members may need the form to comply with state reporting requirements. Members and beneficiaries may request for a copy of their Form 1095-B by:

    Email to:

    Calling: (248) 641-4917between 7:00 AM and 4:30 PM EST

    Mail to:
    BeneSys, Inc.
    700 Tower Drive, Suite 300
    Troy, MI 48098-2808
    ATTN: 1095-B Requests

    Your request MUST include: (1) your Plan’s name, (2) the member’s name, (3) your name if you are not the primary member, (4) the address you would like the form sent to and (5) the phone number we can call if we have any questions.

    Please call  (248) 641-4917 with any questions about Form 1095-B.

    Within this website, you will now have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to commonly requested forms, useful highlighted links, and frequently asked questions regarding your benefit information. As always, please feel free to contact the Benefit Fund Office at (248) 641-4917 .

    Click here for Notice of Nondiscrimination

  • How do I access my account information?
    To access your fringe benefit information, you will need to login with the username and password that you received in the mail. If you have not received your login information by mail or no longer have it, please contact

    I have a question about my fringe benefit information represented on the website?
    For any question about your personal fringe benefits or if you feel that your benefit information is being incorrectly represented on the website, please contact the fund office or email .

    Can I change my password to something else?
    Yes. We recommend that you do change your password to something you can easily remember.

    How do I view my personal fringe benefit information after logging in to the website?
    Once you login with the username and password provided to you, the website will refresh with an additional tab "Member Benefits" on the top navigation bar. Please click on this tab and it will list your personal fringe benefit information.

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  • Your Benefits Resourse
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