Friday, May 27, 2016

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    Form 1095-B Minimum Essential Health Coverage

    Please be aware that the IRS deadline for mailing Form 1095-B to all participants is March 31, 2016.  The Fund Office recently mailed all of the forms to the participants.  However, it is necessary to re-print and re-mail a portion of the forms due to incorrect information.  The Fund Office anticipates that these new forms will be mailed the week of February 22, 2016.  Please note that this form is for your record only and it is not necessary to file the form with your taxes.   



    IMPACT - Off-the-Job Accident Plan - Effective October 2015

    The Ironworkers of Locals 549 & 550 are pleased to announce a new benefit that is available for those eligible in the Medical Plan. IMPACT's brochure introducing the Off-the-Job Accident Plan has been posted to the Documents/Health Care page of this website.  We encourage you to read the brochure carefully so you are aware of the benefits and the conditions under which they are available to you.  Although this is a benefit offered under IMPACT, it is dependent on your eligibility with the Ironworkers Locals 549 & 550 Medical and Benefit Plan. 

    For additional information, please contact IMPACT’s administration office or your Local Union office or visit IMPACT's website: 



    Medical Plan

    As you know on January 29, 2015, Anthem, Inc. learned of a cyberattack on their IT system.  Anthem is working with AllClear ID, a leading and trusted identity protection provider, to offer 24 months of identity theft repair and credit monitoring services to current or former members of an affected Anthem plan dating back to 2004.  For additional protection, and no cost, you may enroll in the AllClear PRO service at any time during the 24 month coverage period.  This service includes credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy.  The Fund Office encourages you to take advantage of this additional protection.  Please enroll at  Those without internet access can call 877-263-7995.  For additional information regarding your protections, please visit:  We also encourage you to visit often for up-to-date information provided by Anthem.



    Medical Plan

    Please be aware that a notice to all actives/early retirees regarding the Anthem Breach has been posted on the Documents Page under Recent Mailings.  This notice will also be mailed on Friday, March 6th to your home address on file with the Fund Office.  For the most recent and up-to-date facts concerning the breach please visit their website We have also placed a hyperlink to this website on the Medical Page.


  • I have a question about my fringe benefit information represented on the website ?
    For any question about your personal fringe benefits or if you feel that your benefit information is being incorrectly represented on the website, please contact the fund office or email

    How do I access my account information?
    To access your fringe benefit information, you will need to login with the username and password that you received in the mail. If you have not received your login information by mail or no longer have it, please contact

    How do I view my personal fringe benefit information after logging in to the website?
    Once you login with the username and password provided to you, the website will refresh with an additional tab - "Member Information" on the top navigation bar. Please click on this tab and it will list your personal fringe benefit information.

    Can I change my password to something else?
    Yes. We recommend that you do change your user name and password to something you can easily remember.
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  • Your Benefits Resourse
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