Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I find out what my benefit will be at retirement?
A. Once per year, you will receive a Benefit Estimate Statement. These Statements are prepared and mailed shortly after the end of the Plan Year. The Statement will show your total Credit Years and your estimated normal monthly Accrued Benefit.
Q. What is a Plan Year?
A. A Plan Year is the time period during which your service and vesting credits are calculated. The Plan Year spans the period from May 1st to the next following April 30th.
Q. How many hours per Plan Year constitutes a Credit Year?
A. For each Plan Year in which you work 870 or more hours for one or more employers under a collective bargaining agreement which requires contributions to this Pension Fund, you will earn one (1) Credit Year. Once you have earned 15 Credit Years the amount of hours required to earn a Credit Year changes to 435.