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Frequently Asked Health Care Questions

Q. How do I find a local pharmacy?
A. Participating pharmacy information may be obtained by visiting or by calling Envision Rx at (800) 361-4542.
Q.How do I get a copy of the Preferred Drug List ?
A.The Preferred Drug List may be obtained by visiting or by calling Envision Rx at (800) 361-4542.
Q. How do I get reimbursed if I paid out of pocket for a prescription?
A. Please call Envision Rx at (800) 361-4542 to obtain a member reimbursement form or visit
Q. How do I get a Mail Order prescription?
A. Contact Envision Rx at (800) 361-4542 or by visiting They will help set you up for mail order.
Q. Who are my eligible dependents?
  • Your lawful spouse
  • Your natural children under age 26
  • Your step - children
  • Your legally adopted children
  • Unmarried children who are totally disabled ( regardless of age)
Q. Will my child be covered over the age of 18?
A. The Plan provides coverage to all dependents under age 26 regardless of marital status, student status, dependent status or residence. Foster children (unless they have been placed with a participant for adoption) and full-time, active members of the armed forces are not eligible for coverage.
Q. How can I have my address changed?
A. Address changes must be submitted to the Administrative office in writing. You can either fax it to (702) 257-5361 or mail to P.O. Box 400008, Las Vegas NV 89140.
Q. How do I add a new dependent to my insurance plan?
A. Please call the Administrative Office as soon as possible to notify us of an addition to your policy. An enrollment form must be filled out and filed within 30 days of the date of change of the dependent status. The additional documents required to add a dependent are: Marriage Certificate (Spouse), Birth Certificate with participant listed as parent (natural child), Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, Divorce decree of biological parents, letter in writing from participant (step-children), Finalized Adoption Papers (Adopted child).
Q. Whom should I call for questions about my eligibility?
A. Call the Administrative Office at (702) 415-2190.
Q. When do I become eligible for benefits?
A. You will become eligible for coverage on the first day of the second calendar month following a period of not less than 3 consecutive calendar months during which 320 or more hours are credited to your hour bank.
Q. What if I become disabled?
A. Contact the Administrative Office Eligibility department as soon as possible at (702) 415-2190.
Q. If I have Medicare, who does my provider submit my claims to?
A. When Medicare is primary, your provider will need to submit to Medicare first. Upon Medicare’s payment/denial, they will then need to submit to Cement Masons. We will then coordinate benefits as your secondary to Medicare.
Q. How do I find a Beechstreet provider?
A. To locate a provider within the Beechstreet network go to or call the Administrative Office at (702) 415-2190.

How do I obtain a replacement Medical card?

A.Call the Administrative Office at (702) 415-2190.
Q. How do I obtain a replacement Vision card?
A. Call Vision Service Plan at (800) 877-7195 or visit
Q. How do I obtain a replacement Dental card?
A. For Diversified Dental call the Administrative Office at (702) 415-2190. For Delta Dental (DeltaCare USA Plan) call Delta at (800) 422-4234 or visit
Q.How do I obtain a replacement Medical Card?
A. If you are a Beechstreet member, call the Administrative Office at (702) 415-2190, if you are a Health Plan of Nevada member, call Health Plan of Nevada at (702) 242-7300.
Q. What if I do not see the status of the claim I am checking on?
A. One of the most common reasons for not being able to view a claim status is the provider has not submitted the claim, or it may simply have to be resubmitted. You may call your provider of service and inform them that they may need to re-submit the particular claim.
Q. How do I know the reason why a claim has not paid?
A. You are able to view the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for each claim that has been received. On this EOB, under Reason Code, it will explain the cause of why an entire claim or line item was denied. If you need further explanation, you may call the Administrative Office at (702) 415-2190.
Q. How long should I wait for claim status to show on the website?
A. Normally, you will see claim status in within 30 days of receipt of the claim.
Q. How do I view my claims?
A. After you log in, you will see your claim information under the Member Information menu item.
Q. What is the Plan's continuing eligibility rule?
A. Once you have met the initial eligibility requirements, you must work at least 100 hours each month to maintain your health care coverage. There is 1 bookkeeping month between the work month and the eligibility month to give the employer time to report your hours and make the necessary contributions and the Fund Office time to enter this information.
Hours worked in Make you eligible for health care coverage in
January March
February April
March May
April June
May July
June August
July September
August October
September November
October December
November January