Sunday, October 17, 2021

Your Drug Free Workplace Benefits

The Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome you to the new website for the Harrison Electrical Workers Trust Fund Benefit Plans. Within this website, you will now have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to commonly requested forms, useful links, and frequently asked questions regarding your benefits provided by the Plan. As always, please feel free to contact the Benefit Office at (800) 547-4457 if you have any additional questions or concerns.

The Electrical Industry Drug Free Workplace Program was adopted by:

  • Oregon Columbia Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 48 on September 10, 1990
  • Oregon Columbia Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 970 on January 1, 1993
  • Oregon Pacific-Cascade Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 659 on January 1, 1995
  • Oregon Pacific-Cascade Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 280 on January 1, 1996
  • Oregon Pacific-Cascade Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 932 on January 1, 1999
  • Washington Inland Empire Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 73 on January 1, 1998
  • Washington Inland Empire Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 112 on January 1, 1999
  • Puget Sound Chapter NECA and IBEW Local 46 on March 1, 2005

The Program since it's inception has tested over 55,000 individuals who work in the above mentioned locals. These individuals include all bargaining as well as non-bargaining employees of participating employers. We are proud to report a positive rate of .8% which is far below the National average of 7%.

The Program had a contract with Serenity Lane to evaluate individuals who tested positive and to arrange the proper treatment. Effective January 1, 1998 the Program retained Providence Employee Assistance Program to coordinate all evaluations and treatment programs.

The Program has also retained the services of Dr. Kirby Griffin, M.D., Medical Review Officer, (MRO) effective January 1, 1998. Dr. Griffin will review all positive test results.

Since the inception of the Program, Legacy Laboratory Services has provided the testing of all the specimens. Legacy Laboratory Services is a NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) certified lab.

The Program applies to all employees including maintenance, sales, clerical, management, owners and part-time employees working 20 or more hours a week, as well as applicants for any such position.

The Program calls for substance abuse testing in three circumstances:

    1. Pre-employment
    2. Systematic computer selected testing
    3. Testing for cause, (including post accident per OSHA requirements)

    The systematic computer selected testing process works in this way: A&I Benefit Plan Administrators which has been selected to administer this Program, will fax a list of employees to each employer on a random basis. Selected employees must report for testing within 24 hours.

    Upon satisfactory completion of the test, that is if the employee's test results are negative indicating no substance found, the employee will be issued an identification card as well as a $50 health maintenance check.

    To prove that the employee has completed the test, he / she must give you a copy of their Custody Control form which they will receive from the lab at the time of their urinalysis. If the test results are negative, that is no substance found, no further action is necessary by employee or employer. If an employee tests positive, you will be informed in writing.

    In order for all test results to be kept confidential as possible, each employer selects two Designated Representatives to handle all confidential matters involving this Program. Only these Designated Representatives will be informed if a person tests positive.

    This Program is designed so that those who test positive for substance abuse will get the treatment they need. As long as these employees comply with the Program, there will be no disciplinary action. If, however, they do not comply, they will be subject to disciplinary action as called for under this Policy. This action may include termination.

    If an employee does test positive, he / she will be required to contact Dr. Kirby Griffin, M.D., Medical Review Officer (MRO) for the Program for a phone interview. Once they have contacted the MRO, they will then need to contact Employee Assistance Program to schedule an evaluation. These employees will not be allowed to return to work until they have seen the evaluator, and have been given a "return to work release" from the evaluator. Any employee who tests positive will need to give their employer a copy of this release. Also, any new employees who are currently in treatment, will need to give a copy of this release to their new employer when changing jobs.

    To ensure this Program operates as designed, all employers need to ask all new employees, collective bargaining and management, to show their Electrical Industry Drug Free Workplace Identification Card, and any employees not having their card yet, will need to be sent for drug testing before hiring. The employer has the right to test any employee if his or her card is over six months old.

    We hope this website will help you understand the workings of the Program and its Policy procedures. If you have any questions, please contact the Trust Office at (503) 224-0048 extension 1684.