Thursday, December 2, 2021

Frequently Asked Annuity Questions

Q. May I borrow or withdraw money from my account while I am working?
A.No, there are no loans or hardships permitted by the Fund.
Q. May I withdraw only a portion of my account balance and leave the rest?
A. For active members, you must clear your account when requesting a distribution of your annuity. However, retired members may withdraw any amount of their choosing, leaving the remainder in their account.
Q. Who will receive my annuity account if I should die before collecting it?
A. You do need to keep your beneficiary card current. For example: If you do not change your beneficiary after your divorce your ex-wife will receive your benefit. See question 11 in the Summary Plan Description for more details.
Q. Is the Annuity Fund the same as the Pension Fund?
A. No, the Annuity Fund is a defined contribution which means you may receive this benefit in a lump sum. The Pension Fund is a defined benefit which means it is payable only in a monthly pension benefit at retirement age.
Q. What does it mean to forfeit your annuity account?
A. If a member has 200 hours in one annuity year and he does not work another 200 hours within 5 years his account is forfeited. His account would just remain in the fund.
Q. What happens to my account when I get divorced?
A. The Benefit Office needs a complete copy of your divorce decree and separation agreement. If your ex-wife is to receive a portion of your annuity we do need a Qualified Domestic Relation Order from the court advising how to separate your account.