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    Get a Second Opinion from a Cleveland Clinic Specialist without Leaving Home

    With Virtual Second Opinions by Cleveland Clinic.

    The Ohio Carpenters’ Health Fund (Fund) is now offering Second Opinions through the Cleveland Clinic. With Virtual Second Opinion Services, you can have your diagnosis and treatment plan, or that of a family member, reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic Specialist without travel or red tape. It’s easy, 100% confidential, and available at no cost to you. All you need is a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop system.



    Use the link above and follow the prompts. You will explain your medical diagnosis, treatment plan, etc., to a Nurse Care Manager who will match you to the right expert specialist. The Cleveland Clinic will collect your medical records, including lab samples, scans and more. In about two weeks, you will receive a detailed report with your specialist’s opinion and chat live with him or her to ask questions and learn more.

    This Convenient, No-Cost Benefit Can Help if You Are:

    • Diagnosed with a serious condition, such as cancer

    • About to make a major decision about a medical next step, such as surgery

    • Considering a treatment that involves risk or has significant consequences

    • Dealing with a condition or chronic illness that isn't improving or is getting worse

    • Confused about or struggling with a medical diagnosis and treatment plan

    3,500 Cleveland Clinic experts in 550+ advanced subspecialties – so you can get help with virtually any health challenge!

    Become more informed about your diagnosis and treatment plan, and more certain about your care!

    • 28% of case reviews result in a diagnosis change

    • 72% of treatment plans are modified 





    We are pleased to offer coronavirus antibody testing for you and your eligible dependents (age 5 or older) as part of the Building Trades Welfare Foundation-Mayo Clinic Laboratories COVID-19 Resilience Project (Project). The goals of this Project are:

    • To provide participants the greatest amount of information possible to make determinations about their own health and safety in a COVID-19 environment.

    • To determine how many individuals have protective antibodies, how long those antibodies last and, therefore, the presumed protection against the virus.


    The goal is to test 50,000 individuals of all ages.  This is an enormous and ambitious undertaking, but you and your brothers and sisters are in a unique position to partner with these top researchers due to the very nature of organized labor. This is a unique opportunity to obtain important health information for yourself and to play a part in the solution to this global pandemic.


    WHY IS THIS RELEVANT? With the development and distribution of vaccines, this Project very well-timed. The long-term effectiveness of the vaccines is still unknown and large portions of the population have indicated they are unwilling to be vaccinated. It is likely a combination of vaccination and direct COVID-19 exposure will be required to achieve population (“herd”) immunity. Thus, a study focusing on whether antibodies last and grow stronger in the general population is of vital importance. More details are provided in the enclosed Brief Project Description and FAQs.  We encourage you to read this carefully.


    TESTING: The test will involve a finger prick (Blood Test Spot) that will be administered with the assistance of phlebotomists. If this test is positive, you will be asked to test again at four-month intervals to check if you are still positive, and thus still presumably have protective antibodies.  In addition to providing you important information about your antibody status, this follow-up is key to the study so please be prepared to commit to this follow-up if you are antibody positive.    

    NO COST:  The cost of the test will be covered 100% by the Fund for eligible participants and covered family members.

    TESTING DATES AND SITES:   Testing dates and sites, and information as to how to register, will be posted on the IKORCC website at  Please check frequently for testing dates in your area. Due to the coordination of this Project with the Mayo Clinic, NO WALK-INS WILL BE ALLOWED. You must register.


    Please do not come to the event if you are sick, displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the prior 14 days.


    Benefits during the COVID-19 Crisis

    - All COVID-19 testing will be covered at 100% in-network

    - Plan will provide eligibility credits to a participant, subject to a physician ordered quarantine due to symptoms consistent with Coronavirus for any individual in the participant’s household.  This will be for a one month maximum and is only effective through 06.30.2020

    - The one week waiting period for short term disability benefits is waived through 06.30.2020 

    - Short term disability payments has been increased to $500 per week through 06.30.2020


    Register today!  Quickly and securely register using our improved website registration process! Have your personal information at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Click on “Create an Account” above to get started. You will need to know your name, date of birth, SSN or Alternate ID, and zip code as they are recorded in the Trust Office.  Problems? Click on Contact Us. 

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  • Your Benefits Resource
  • Your Benefits Resourse
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