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    Register today!  Quickly and securely register using our improved website registration process! Have your personal information at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Click on “Create an Account” above to get started. You will need to know your name, date of birth, SSN or Alternate ID, and zip code as they are recorded in the Trust Office.  Problems? Click on Contact Us. 


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    You do not need to file a 1095 form with your federal tax return, but some members may need the form to comply with state reporting requirements. Members and beneficiaries may request a copy of their Form 1095-B by:

    Email to:

    Calling: (702) 415-2199 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM PST

    Mail to:  PP525 H&W Fund, ATTN: 1095-B Requests, PO Box 400760, Las Vegas, NV  89140 

    Your request MUST include: (1) your Plan’s name, (2) the member’s name, (3) your name if you are not the primary member, (4) the address you would like the form sent to and (5) the phone number we can call if we have any questions.

    Please call (702) 415-2199 with any questions about Form 1095-B.


      - To find an In-Network MEDICAL provider:  Anthem   (use Prefix "IFP")

      - To find an In-Network DENTAL provider:  Cigna

      - To find an In-Network BEHAVIORAL HEALTH / SUBSTANCE ABUSE (HBI) provider:  Anthem

      - To find an In-Network PHARMACY:  Tru Choice

      - To find an In-Network LAS VEGAS HOSPITAL COALITION provider:  HSC

      - To find an In-Network VISION provider: Vision Service Plan (VSP)






    Register, access your medical records, schedule appointments -  Click Here!

    Collective Union Health facilities provide convenient comprehensive Primary and Acute care and wellness services, delivered by experienced physicians and advance practice providers, exclusively to Local 525 members at no cost. You are encourage to call and establish care at one of the two locations below. 

     607 E. Windmill Lane, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV  89123  (702) 960-4465


    911 N. Buffalo Drive, Suite 113, Las Vegas, NV  89128  (702) 960-4441  

    Participants should sign up for the new patient portal at  You can also download the Everside app from the App Store or Google Play.  You may be familiar with Activate, the company who manages the Collective Union Health clinic offices.  Please note, Everside Health is the parent company of Activate, so you may see the Everside Health name popping up when accessing information and/or services related to the Collective Union Health clinics.  The name change will not affect the services; Activate will remain the entity that manages the health centers.



    If you have lab work done by Quest in Nevada, it will be considered Out of Network and your out of pocket expense will be higher.  You are responsible to inform your ordering physician to ensure they do not send lab requests to Quest.  If your doctor orders lab work using a Quest lab slip, you should take it to LabCorp (Anthem contracted lab) or to one of the Collective Union Health clinic locations.  Lab work that is done at the Collective Union Health clinic locations is no cost to you.




    We recognize the need to educate our travelers on their healthcare benefits when working away from home.  You will start seeing more information on this website as we identify specific needs.  Please click on the Documents tab above to reference the new Travelers information section, which will continue to expand.  If you have specific suggestions, please feel free to contact the Administrator at (702) 415-2199.

    If you are traveling and need assistance locating a PPO provider, or any help navigating through your healthcare system, contact BeneSys at (702) 415-2199. 

    Remember:  When working outside the Local 525 jurisdiction, travelers' hours are pro-rated and reported less timely; therefore, your healthcare coverage could be affected.   Please contact the Trust Fund office for more information and to avoid possible loss of coverage when working outside the Local 525 jurisdiction.


  • Your Benefits Resource
  • Your Benefits Resourse
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