Thursday, May 6, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Care

Q. How does my doctor confirm my eligibility and benefits under the Plan?
A.To service our Provider networks more effectively and efficiently, Benesys Administrators requires ALL PROVIDERS to access our Web based Provider Portal for all Eligibility, Claims Status and Summary of Benefits for Medical, Dental and or Vision.

Providers must register through this Provider Portal by going to Providers must submit any questions or requests through the Provider Portal’s Express Message feature for any claims, Eligibility and Benefits related inquiries.

Responses to inquiries will be addressed through the Portal within 24 hours of receipt. This procedure enables Providers to get up to date information on claims status, benefits and eligibility, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, eliminating hold times on the phone.
Inquiries will be handled through this portal for increased efficiency and response turnaround time.
Q.How do I order a new ID card?
A. Please contact us. Please indicate you need a new medical card and the quantity needed.
Q.How do I file for Short Term Disability benefits?
A.You must file a Disability Benefit Fund Office, complete your portion of the claim form, have the physician complete their portion of the claim form, attach all itemized bills and return with the completed claim form to the Benefit Fund Office within 90 days after the claim was incurred.


Q. How do I become a Participant in the Plan?
A.You will become a Participant on the first day of the month after you are credited with 375 Hours of Service a Plan Year.
Q.I am going through a divorce, what happens to my pension?
A. If your former spouse is awarded a portion of earned benefit through the Plan, it will be necessary that you and your spouse complete a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) so that the Plan can pay benefits to your former spouse. You may contact the Benefit Office and request that a sample QDRO be provided to you.
Q.Does the Pension Plan affect Social Security benefit in any way?
A. No.