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     Notice to Preferred Plan Participants

    Effective July 1, 2019, Dr. Day and Dr. Alamo are no longer part of the Preferred Plan (wellPortal) network or the Anthem network.  Please contact Candace Facio, RN at (702) 452-3903 to help transition your care to another Primary Care Physician, or consider changing your Plan.


    Self-Payments (our self payment options have changed; please read important information below)

    To make a secure self-payment using your checking account, you must register and log in to this website.  If you have not previously registered, contact the Trust Fund office at (702) 415-2188 to request your User ID.  Once you have logged in, click the Member Benefits tab at the top of the Home Page and select "Self-Payment".  Self-payments are due on the 15th of the month to ensure continuous coverage.  

    To make a self-payment using your debit/credit card, please Click Here 



    51 N. Pecos #110

    Las Vegas, NV  89101

    (702) 437-0227

    Full primary care services with no out-of-pocket expenses from your NEW Union Family Health Center (powered by Activate Healthcare).

    Your Union Family Health Center will provide access to no-cost medical care and prescriptions for members and their families covered by the Health & Welfare Plan.

    1)  No-cost primary care - No out of pocket cost for visits with an experience on-site health care provider to guide and support your health care initiatives. 

    2)  No-cost prescriptions (on select formulary) - No out of pocket cost for approximately 50 high-quality generic drugs when prescribed by the on-site clinician.

    3)  No-cost lab work - High quality commonly ordered labs at no cost to you at the Union Family Health Center.

    24 Hour Activate Nurse Hotline: 877-239-9372 


    Add this Mobile Friendly Website and Fund's Logo on Your Smartphone!

    For an iPhone:
    * Open web browser - Safari
    * Type in the address bar
    * Click the box with the vertical arrow icon at the bottom of the screen
    * Click the icon that says
    "Add to Home Screen"
    * Advertise or offer to sell or buy any goods or services for any business purpose, unless such Communication Service specifically allows such messages.
    * Click on the word
    "Add" at the top right corner of your screen

    For an Android:
    * Open web browser - usually Google Chrome
    * Type in the address bar
    * On the top right of Chrome screen there are three dots - click on the three dots, then click on
    "Add to Home Screen"
    * A message box pops up: "Add to Home Screen Title"; click on "Add"


    NEW DENTAL PLAN OPTION for PPO and Preferred Plan Participants

    Effective January 1, 2017, if you are under the PPO or Preferred Plan, you now have the option to select between two dental plans.  For more information, please contact the Trust Fund office at (702) 415-2188.

     *Flex Plan participants are automatically enrolled under the Nevada Dental Benefits Plan, effective 1/1/17.


  • Your Benefits Resource
  • Your Benefits Resourse
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